Purchase Agreement

TERM AND RENEWAL  Your Agreement with Weddinglistusa LLC, will last for the term specified below, unless otherwise specified in your ordering documents

If You purchase a Partner, Premier , and/or Platinum Membership(s): Weddinglistusa.com’s Partner, Premier, and Platinum Memberships last for a fixed Term, which is 12 months from the contract start date. Even if we give you the option to divide payments for the Term over multiple payment periods, your purchase of a Partner, Premier, or Platinum Membership is a commitment to purchase one full Term of that membership.  Once one full term has expired your membership will automatically Renew on a month to month membership thereafter. You will be bill monthly unless otherwise specified by you.  If you choose to cancel your membership after the 12 month term you must do so within 2 days prior to the next month’s billing.

TYPES OF MEMBERSHIPS:  Weddinglistusa.com offers three (3) different types of memberships.

  1. Partner Membership – You will get a personalized listing ad under a specific category and region.   This listing will be listed after the premier and platinum members.
  2.  Premier Membership – You will get a personalized listing ad under a specific category and region.  Your listing will be guaranteed on page one of results after the Platinum Members. These results will be shuffled month to month ( limited number of spots available )
  3. Platinum Membership –  You will get a personalized listing ad under a specific category and region.  Your listing will be guaranteed top spot 1 – 4  on page one of the results. You will be listed as a recommended vendor under the vendor manager on the planning tools page. You will get leads of all registered couples in your region

PAYMENT OPTIONS AND TERMS:  Weddinglistusa.com Customers different payment options to choose from when deciding which type of membership to choose. (1) Customer may choose to pay a one time annual premium (2) Customer may choose to pay a startup premium; follow by monthly payments to the end of the term; (3) Customer may choose to pay on a month to month basis.  Any of the 3 options are still bound to a 12 month membership contract. Customer will sign a contract stating which type of membership they are signing up for and which payment option they will use. Customer may purchase products and/or services by the following; :  (1) providing a credit card while on the phone with a Weddinglistusa.com sale representative; or (2) a signed order form. By completing the purchase transaction, Customer agrees to the terms of this Agreement and agrees to pay for the products and services provided by Weddinglistusa.com with a valid credit card or check payment. Customer may not change the form of payment without Weddinglistusa.com’s consent. Payment shall be made in U.S. Dollars, unless otherwise specified in your ordering documents.

Customer, at any time during the Term, may buy out the remaining amount for such term with one-time payment equal to the remaining fee due for the remainder of the Term..


If Weddinglistusa.com is authorized by Customer to charge Customer’s credit card and Weddinglistusa.com is unable to process Customer’s credit card, or if any fee is otherwise not paid on time, then Weddinglistusa.com may revoke access to Customer’s account


Customer may add or upgrade additional products and/or services at any time by contacting a Weddinglistusa’s sales associate or emailing support@weddinglistusa.com.  Only individuals who are authorized users of the Customer account may request changes (including, without limitation, name changes, transfers of the account to a different entity, or termination of the account) to Customer account or additional products and services.


For Weddinglistusa.com Customers purchasing a new Partner, Premier, or Platinum membership, you may cancel that membership only after six months from the beginning of the contract Term by emailing support@weddinglistusa.com and stating your intent to cancel no earlier than six months from the beginning of the contract Term, and provided that all the following conditions are met; (you may only cancel once)

  1. If you are a Customer purchasing a Membership in any other category and such Customer has paid in full all Membership fees due for the Term at the time of purchase to the other category and is not paying fees on any installment plan
  2. If your company or business stops doing business in the wedding industry and/or goes out of business
  3. This early cancel right does not apply to any subsequent purchases, renewals, upsells, upgrades, add-ons or any other types of products or purchases;
  4. Customer may not cancel any other products or services they may have with Weddinglistusa.com before the expiration of the current Term
  5. Customer has not exercised this early cancel right previously for this Membership or any other membership with Weddinglisausa.com

In the event of such Customer’s early cancellation of a Partner, Premier, or Platinum Membership, Weddinglisausa.com will provide a pro-rated refund of any memberships that are paid-in-full; for all other payment plans (if applicable), your membership will continue until immediately prior to your next scheduled billing date, at which point you will not be billed.

Weddinglisausa.com may cancel this Agreement for cause upon five (5) days written notice to Customer of a breach of this Agreement. Weddinglistusa.com may cancel this Agreement, with such cancellation to be effective on five (5) days notice, if the Customer provides products or services that are competitive to Weddinglistusa.com. In the event of any cancellation or expiration of this Agreement, Weddinglistusa.com shall retain the right to keep any and all reviews of Customer posted on the Weddinglistusa.com as well as basic directory information of Customer associated with such reviews, including without limitation, business name, address, and telephone number..

ADDITIONAL AGREEMENTS You hereby agree to abide by and be subject to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as they are posted on the Site and as they may be amended from time to time by Weddinglistusa.com

PRODUCT UPGRADES AND CHANGES   Weddinglistusa.com is always and constantly reviewing it’s products and services to strive to provide its customers with best options available.  Weddinglistusa.com retains the right to revise its product and/or services, including but not limited to the tools made available to you, at any time for any reason including without limitation to comply with any applicable law or regulation.

NON-TRANSFERABLE PRODUCTS The products and/or services purchased are valid only for the Customer, and in the membership category and region specified at the time of purchase and may not be transferred either to a different customer or by the same Customer to a different category or region.

U.S. DOLLARS & TRADE Customers in the U.S. will be billed in U.S. Dollars and subject to U.S. payment terms. In no event shall any transactions be in violation of U.S. trade regulations.

NO REFUNDS Except as specifically provided in these Terms of Purchase, there shall be no refunds for products and/or services provided by Weddinglistusa.com. All amounts required to be paid hereunder do not include any amount for taxes or levy (including interest and penalties)


If the Customer does not make payments on time based on their payment schedule, Weddinglistusa.com delinquency process is as follows: (a) Customer account is suspended and access is revoked; (b) Customer has seven (7) days to bring to current balance after notification (which may include email notice); (c) After seven (7) days, the account is terminated and Customer’s access to Customer’s Weddinglistusa.com account is revoked; and (d) If Customer wants to reinstate Customer’s account with Weddinglistusa.com after termination, Customer must: (i) Pay the outstanding balance in full; and (ii) Execute a new one year agreement (paid in full) and fulfill the entire agreement.

If, for any reason, any fees Customer owes Weddinglistusa.com have not been received or in any manner realized by Weddinglistusa.com, Customer agrees to pay such Unpaid Fees immediately. In addition, any partial payments made by Customers will first be applied to the oldest, outstanding fees owed to Weddinglistusa.com

INCORRECT BILLING If Customer believes Weddinglistusa.com has billed Customer incorrectly, Customer must contact support@weddinglistusa.com no later than 90 after such charge, and detail which charge may have been billed incorrectly.  No refunds will be given for any charges which are more than 90 days old.

MODIFICATIONS The parties agree that this Agreement cannot be altered, amended or modified, except by a writing signed by an authorized representative of each party.

GOVERNING LAW This Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Maryland (“Governing Law”), without regard to principles of conflict of laws of any state or jurisdiction.

CONTACT INFO For all questions related to billing, please contact Weddinglistusa.com at support@weddinglistusa.com